Aardvark Vanaheim will launch Glamourpuss, a new bi-monthly b/w comic series by Cerebus creator Dave Sim, in April.  The series will be solicited in the February Previews, and each Diamond account will receive a complete special preview edition of the first issue during the solicitation period to help peg orders correctly. 
In another move to help comic retailers cope with a new title with unknown potential, there will be a three month gap between the first two issues (#2 will ship in July), to give retailers time to gauge the response to #1 before ordering #2. 
Sim describes the series as 'three publications in one:'
'The haute couture magazine parody that's so six months ago, an homage to the classic photorealism black and white 'beyond noir' comic strips of the 1940s and 1950s, and the strangest superheroine comic book of all time.'
Sim completed his 300 issue Cerebus series in 2004; this is his first new work since, and it's safe to say it's in a totally different direction.  For more on this new series, see our 'Interview with Dave Sim.'