An ICv2 Release.  ICv2 has announced the release of the ICv2 Guide #54:  Anime/Manga, which provides an overview of the market for the first months of 2008, with coverage of the launch of the "Shippuden" storyline in the bestselling Naruto manga series, and the worldwide drop in anime releases amid some bright spots for early 2008. 


The Guide is being released to the trade by Alliance Game Distributors, Diamond Comic Distributors, GTS Distribution, Bookazine, AAA Anime, TMZ Distribution, and others. 


In addition to the market overviews and bestseller lists, the new ICv2 Guide includes Pick Hits and other top release information for July and August manga, fiction and art books, anime, and live action DVDs; and reviews of current and upcoming manga, anime, and live action releases.

For those interested in subscribing to the ICv2 Guide, please visit the ICv2 Online Store (click here).  Or if you are interested in ordering a single copy of the ICv2 Guide #54: Anime/Manga, please click hereFor pop culture related retailers, if your distributor is on the list above, just ask for your free copy of the ICv2 Guide; or if not, e-mail Dennis Viau at our office at to request a copy (valid pop culture related retailers only please).