Dynamite Comics has extended its license with King Features for another two years, and will delay the start of its Phantom comic series until Moonstone’s publishing program ends.  Dynamite announced the acquisition of the license at Wizard World Chicago (see “Dynamite Gets Rebellion, Phantom”).  Moonstone told ICv2 a couple of days later that it also had a license to publish Phantom comics (see “Moonstone Still Publishing the Phantom”). 


Dynamite publisher Nick Barrucci told ICv2 that he had the only signed license for the Phantom at the time of his company’s announcement, but has elected to work with King Features to allow Moonstone to continue the publish the title for another two years without a competing title in the marketplace.  “Seriously, what choice do we have,” Barrucci said.  “Crush Moonstone just because we can?  We’ll look on the bright side and know that we have more time to put together a much better comic.”