Devil’s Due Publishing has announced a long term publishing partnership with Humanoids and its European sister company Les Humanoides Associes to publish a portion of the extensive line of Humanoids’ graphic novel material here in the U.S. in the American comic book format. 


Previously Humanoids had published in the U.S. independently and in a short-lived partnership with DC Comics, but the agreement with Devil’s Due is quite different in strategy from previous attempts to publish Humanoids' extensive list of properties.  Rather than competing for precious shelf space in the already bulging graphic novel sections of bookstores, this time Devil’s Due will present the Humanoids material to comic shops in the form of limited series presented in the U.S. comic book format (and occasional graphic novels).  Also DDP plans to release no more than 2-3 comics per month, while emphasizing (at least at first) works by creators who are familiar to U.S. audiences.


The new DDP/Humanoids imprint launches in November with I Am Legion #1 (of 6), which is illustrated by John Cassaday (Astonishing X-Men), followed by The Zombies Who Ate the World #1 (of 8), which is illustrated by Guy Davis (Sandman Mystery Theater, B.P.R.D) and written by Jerry Frissen (Lucha Libre).  Other titles by well-known American creators such as Kurt Busiek’s Redhand and Metal, illustrated by Butch Guice, will follow along with some of Humanoids’ most popular European series such as The Metabarons and The Technopriests.