All Star Batman & Robin #10 wasn’t the only title that DC asked some customers to destroy last week (see “All Star Batman & Robin #10 to Be Destroyed”).  A separate e-mail went out from Diamond on September 8th asking those retailers that had received them to destroy copies of Action Comics #869 and DC Universe:  Decisions #1. 


The new version of Action #869 shipped this week, allowing a side by side comparison.  It appears that the only change was a re-drawing of the cover, changing the label on the bottle Clark Kent is holding from “Crow [Unreadable] Beer” to a more generic “Soda Pop.”  It actually looks like the label on the original may have said “root beer,” but DC may have felt that the original art looked too much like an alcoholic beverage.


We can’t wait to see the side-by-side art for the third title in this “error comic” hat trick.