Mike Boze of HawgHead Comics in Fort Worth, Arkansas joins the discussion regarding the upcoming Obama variant cover for Amazing Spider-Man #583 (see “Spidey Meets the Prez”):


Well, once again we are faced with the attitude, "If you are smart enough," then you will be OK."  Not only were we faced with having to order extra to get the variant, which now we know was not the case -- boy, I feel dumb ordering extra copies -- but we also find out that the issue is sold out and we have to order blind to cover customers who only come in to get this single issue and will most likely never read it but store it to send their children to college (I had a call Saturday to reserve 10 copies; I guess she saw that eBay had them at $100).


I think the best example that Marvel could follow would be the time that Superman got married.  DC allowed us to get the copies early and then reorder if necessary.  I normally sold a dozen or so Superman copies at that time but the marriage issue I ended up selling 100 copies because of the support DC gave to us. 


I just keep asking the same question -- when will Marvel have the same confidence on a title or issue that they expect the retailers to have?


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