Udon Entertainment has announced that it will release Silent Mobius: Complete Edition, a re-mastered version of Kia Asamiya’s classic science fiction manga, beginning in August.  It will be packed with bonus features including full color illustration galleries in each volume, character designs, data files, and interviews.  In addition to the 12-volume Silent Mobius saga itself, Udon, which is providing a new translation as well as new scans of the original artwork that will be presented in the traditional Japanese right-to-left format, is also publishing the 2-volume Silent Mobius Tales collection of stories never released in North America, and a special prequel Silent Mobius: Volume 0 that reveals the backstory for the series.


Heavily influenced by the bravura visual style of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, Silent Mobius follows the adventures of an all-female group of police officers, the Attacked Mystification Police (AMP), charged with defending Tokyo from an invasion of frightening extra-dimensional creatures known as Lucifer Hawks.


Viz Media has previously released Asamiya’s Silent Mobius manga here in the States in American format (left-to-right) volumes that appeared from 1999-2003.  Asamiya, whose work is well-known to American comics fans from his stints on Uncanny X-Men and Batman, also illustrated the Star Wars Episode 1 manga.  The Silent Mobius manga inspired a 26-episode anime series and two animated features (all of which were releaed here by Bandai).  Udon plans to release the first Silent Mobius: Complete Edition volume ($14.99) in August with subsequent books in the series appearing every few months.