Pokemon USA has announced a pair of products to supplement the release of the next Pokemon TCG expansion, Platinum -- Rising Rivals, which releases May 20 and adds 110 new cards to the Pokemon Trading Card Game (see “Pokemon TCG: Platinum – Rising Rivals”).


The Pokemon TCG Platinum Poster Pack comes in a 7-9/16” x 5-1/2” box that includes two boosters from February’s Platinum release (see “Pokemon TCG: Platinum”), two three-card promo packs, and a promo card.  The box also includes a full-size, folded poster that features all 130 cards from the set.


Also announced was the Pokemon TCG: Platinum Player’s Guide, which reveals tips and strategies for using all cards from the Platinum and Rising Rivals sets.  All 250+ cards from the two sets are featured in this full-color book, including the four PCO cards.  The Player’s Guide also comes with the Toxicroak promo card and offers tips for constructing a deck based around it.  The ultra-glossy book is packaged to fit in the space occupied by two blistered booster packs. 


Both products arrive in stores in May and retail for $9.99 each.  Cases include 24 units.