Various French language Websites are reporting that actress Jessica Alba has acquired screen rights to The Insiders, a series of graphic novels created in 2002 by Jean-Claude Bartoll and Renaud Garreta and published by Dargaud.  Alba’s partner in acquiring the rights to create both movies and videogames based on The Insiders was director Robert Rodriguez (Sin City).


The heroine of The Insiders is Najah Cruz, a Columbian who is as deadly as she is beautiful.  She has the weapons expertise and combat skills of a James Bond.  At the secret request of the White House she infiltrates a worldwide mafia-like organization composed of businessmen and politicians and becomes the bodyguard of the organization’s leader.  The Insiders should take Alba back to her action roots as the supersoldier heroine of James Cameron’s Dark Angel TV series.


So far 7 volumes of The Insiders have appeared in France (an 8th is due out in October).  The most recent release has already sold over 30,000 copies in Europe.  The good news for Americans is that Cinebook is releasing the first volume in the well-drawn, action-packed series, Insiders Vol.1: Chechen Guerilla, in English this October.