Diamond Comic Distributors has released a statement announcing that all litigation between Diamond owner Steve Geppi and Alan Harvey/Sad Sack Inc. has been settled.  The litigation began in 2000, when Sad Sack, Inc. sued Geppi, alleging that he had original art that belonged to Sad Sack.  Geppi countersued, alleging defamation via statements on the Sad Sack Website.  For a statement released by Geppi at the time with more details on the facts at issue, see 'Geppi Statement')


At the time of the settlement, the Supreme Court of the State of New York had dismissed Sad Sack's claims against Geppi, while Geppi's counter-claim remained pending.  The settlement agreement provided that Harvey not appeal, that Geppi drop his suit, that Geppi keep the art, and that no money change hands. 


In the statement, Geppi gave warm fuzzies to Harvey.  'I want to go on record expressing my best wishes for Alan Harvey and the eventual success of Sad Sack,' he said.  'I stand ready to offer whatever assistance I can to help Harvey achieve that success within the comic book industry.'