Dynamite Entertainment announced that it has signed an agreement to move all Dabel Brothers titles to the Dynamite brand.  Unlike previous Dabel deals, of which there are many, Dynamite will take over all aspects of producing and selling titles handled by Dabel Brothers, including creative development, production, printing, sales, and marketing. 


The deal includes “books that were in the works and projects not yet announced,” according to the announcement.  Some graphic novels are apparently bound by previous agreements; Dynamite will publish “all graphic novels (unless pre-existing agreements prohibit from doing so),” with distribution to be handled by Diamond Book Distributors. 


Dabel Brothers has deals with many publishers and distributors.  Less than two weeks ago, it announced a co-publishing deal with IDW for the next Mercy Thompson books (see “Mercy Thompson at IDW”).  Other publishers with which Dabel Bros. has deals include Ace (see “Dabels Do Ace Deal for Briggs”), Tor (see “Release Plans for Wheel of Time”), Del Rey (see “Dabels Go to Del Rey”), and St. Martins (see “Dabels Do Dark Hunter Manga”).  In the past, Dabel Brothers has also done deals with Marvel, Devil’s Due, and Alias, as well as selling comics under its own brand.  Exactly which titles will end up being sold by Dynamite during the transition is not clear; it will undoubtedly take some time to unwind the plethora of relationships Dabel Brothers formed. 


The Dynamite deal appears to be the end of Dabel Brothers as a separate brand, and of Dabel involvement in the actual production of comics and graphic novels.