ComiXology announced the launch of Retailer Tools 2.0 at the ComicsPro Annual Meeting  in Memphis on Friday.  The new tool suite allows retailers to offer the entire Diamond Previews catalogue on their sites for pre-order; to host their own branded online communities, with blogs, calendars, and discussion groups; and improves retailer control over pull lists (see “ComiXology’s Online Pull Lists”) and subscriptions. 


The new suite of tools will be available in a number of bundled packages, including Standard template, Customized Full Site Integration, and eCommerce Integration, which allows retailers to run online stores powered by ComiXology. 


Over 200 retailers have integrated ComiXology’s Retailer Tools into their Websites to date, with some reporting substantially increased sales as a result.  Isotope Comics’ James Sime said sales went up 20% for customers using ComiXology’s Pull List. 


ComiXology acquired, a competing purveyor of retailer Web services, last fall (see “ComiXology Acquires”).


ComiXology is also taking other steps to strengthen its retailer ties.  CEO David Steinberger announced at ComicsPro that the company has removed links to Amazon from its digital comics app so that only retailers show up when a user clicks “buy in print” (retailers are urged to update their info in ComiXology’s retailer locator to make sure they can get the resulting referrals).  And ComiXology is also forming a Retailer Board, consisting of four retailers, to advise the company on its strategy from the retailer perspective.