The robust sales patterns that have characterized the Spider-Man-influenced summer of 2002 continued to make their mark on ICv2's Top Ten List for July.  The ICv2 survey, which is based on sell-through figures from pop culture retailers from all over the country, often provides an interesting contrast when compared with pre-orders for the same period.  Even more than usual, big ticket items tended to dominate the lists this month.  Although retro titles only grabbed three of the top 11 spots in the comics category, the trend shows no sign of playing out just yet.  One surprise on this month's list is the resurgence of trading cards, which earned four of the top 10 spots in the Movie/TV category.  Marvel Heroclix and Yu-Gi-Oh!, the two new hit game properties of the summer continue to sell very well, but Magic: The Gathering, with its well-established base of players, continued to perform very well in the Games category. Let's take a look at the individual categories.



The stylish Escaflowne saga dominates this month's list, with the complete TV series on DVD leading the category, while the regular and limited editions of the Escaflowne movie held down the fourth and fifth spots respectively.   Neon Genesis Evangelion: Death & Rebirth finished a strong number 2, which is no surprise given the importance of the Evangelion series, clearly the top science fiction TV anime of the 1990s (see 'First Neon Genesis Evangelion Movie').  Ranma and Lodoss War DVD collections rounded out the top six, proving once again that high price-point items tend to do well on ICv2's Top Ten surveys, which are based on total dollars sold, not on units.  For the complete Top Ten anime list, click here.



The conclusion of Frank Miller's Dark Knight Strikes Back trilogy also benefited from a high price point as it finished on top of the Comics category, just edging out DC's Crisis on Multiple Earths trade paperback collection.  Top Cow's Battle of the Planets #1 held down the third spot, while Transformers Armada #1 came in at number seven and Transformers G1 #4 just missed the Top 10 at number eleven.  Spider-Man remains strong with two titles in the Top 10, while the 'really retro' League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume II #1 broke into the Top 10 for the first time.  For a look at the Top Ten comics click here.



Yu-Gi-Oh! demonstrated its strength by seizing two of the top four spots, and the Marvel HeroClix just continue to sell, but the original collectible card game Magic: The Gathering still managed to take the top spot and two others in the Top Ten as well.  WOTC's Dungeons & Dragons: Epic Level Handbook performed extremely well for an RPG product, while Score's Dragonball Z Cell Games Saga Booster Pack and Capsule Corp Power Pack both demonstrated the continuing strong performance of the DBZ CCG.  To check out the entire Games Top Ten List, click here.



Trading cards made their best showing ever in July.  Inkworks captured the number two spot with its Buffy the Vampire Slayer Evolution Trading Cards as well as the number five position with its movie-based Men In Black 2 Premium Trading Cards.  Artbox has a hit with its Samurai Jack Trading Cards, and Rittenhouse's Star Trek trading cards continue their run of top ten performances.  Note how the Star Trek and Buffy trading cards are accompanied on the list by 'complete season' DVD collections from both shows.  Obviously these are properties (and formats) that collectors love. To check out the complete Top Ten List of movie/tv items, click here.



Once again this list is totally dominated by toys and statues targeted at comic collectors.  Bowen Designs may be losing their Marvel license, but their final wave of busts and statues is doing very well.  DC Direct matched Bowen with three items in the Top Ten including The Brave & The Bold #28 Statue, which took the top spot.  Once again the only mass market toy line to make an impact on the ICv2 list was Playmates' superb series of Simpsons toys.  For the complete list of the Top Ten toys, click here.