The comics and graphic novel markets in Q1 showed signs of recovery, although not back to 2008 levels, according to the market overview in the recently released Internal Correspondence #71.  Movies based on lesser known comic properties, Kick-Ass and the upcoming Scott Pilgrim film, were driving sales in Q1, along with the graphic novel based on one of the biggest movie properties out there, Twilight. 


We look at publishing programs from many of the top graphic novel publishers, noting the move to more omnibus volumes for Del Rey manga, Marvel’s Iron Man Extremis, and more. 


We also took our regular look at Best in Shows, the top films for this market over the rest of the year; anime on TV; the comic-based movie you’ve never heard of; and all of our regular features, including our Top Properties lists, Pick Hits to Click for Q3 releases, and reviews. 


Here are ICv2’s top graphic novel properties in a number of categories for Q1 2010:

"Top 10 Genre Properties--Q1 2010"

"Top 10 Fiction & Reality GN Properties--Q1 2010"

"Top 10 Superhero Properties--Q1 2010"

"Top 5 Comic Strip Properties-- Q1 2010"

"Top 10 Kids & Tweens GN Properties--Q1 2010"

"Top 10 Shojo Properties--Q1 2010"

"Top 10 Shonen Properties--Q1 2010"

"Top 25 Manga Properties--Q1 2010"


This issue also includes “Pick Hits to Click” in all our graphic novel and manga categories as well as a full complement of reviews.


For information on how to get the new issue of Internal Correspondence, see "ICv2 Releases 'Internal Correspondence' #71 ."