Dave Brzeski of The House on the Borderland in Peterborough, United Kingdom comments on the recent article on the return of Atlas Comics (see "Atlas Returns").

It was interesting to read this and I look forward to seeing what they come up with.  It will be doubly interesting to see if they intend to revive two of their old characters in particular.  The Scorpion had just two issues from Howard Chaykin, before he was replaced by a dreadful superhero version in the third and final issue.  The original Scorpion changed his name to Dominic and went to seek his Fortune at Marvel.

Demon Hunter did the same--changing his name to Devil Slayer, although he never really rose above suporting character status at Marvel.  And what of Claw?  He was last seen in a crossover with Red Sonja from Wildstorm/Dynamite.

Interesting times.

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