Dynamite Entertainment announced it will launch Warlord of Mars: Dejah Thoris, a spin-off from its Warlord of Mars series (see “‘Warlord of Mars’ Comic Book”), in March.  It’s set hundreds of years before John Carter came to Mars, when the long-lived Dejah Thoris’ nation of Helium was still divided into warring city-states.


The story will be written by Arvid Nelson, with art by Carlos Rafael.  Five artists are providing covers for the first issue, each at 20%:  Arthur Adams, Paul Renaud, Joe Jusko, Sean Chen, and Ale Garza.


"Burroughs left so many tantalizing breadcrumb trails in the first few Mars novels, but he never followed most of them," says writer Arvid Nelson.  "This series is going to follow some of those trails.  We're going to see how Dejah Thoris' kingdom of Helium rose to preeminence. We're going to see her first suitor. And we're going to see Dejah herself kick some ass."