Marcus King of Titan's Entertainment Cafe in Battle Creek, Michigan read Brian Waltersdorff's Talk Back regarding WotC's Magic: The Gathering pre-release events (see "Brian Waltersdorff of Comic Store West on M:TG Pre-Release Event") and had this to say.

Dear WotC.  Please don't listen to Brian Waltersdorff.  Friday Night Magic is a great event for our store.  Just the name of it--3 words--convey all the customer needs to know.  When?  Friday.  What time?  Night.  What are we playing?  Magic.  Heck, give the person who coined this name a nice bonus, and thank them for me, would you?

Also, I will absolutely LOVE to do the Free Comic Book Day event at my store on the same day as the Pre-Release!  I'm not kidding.  I can get two of the largest events in my store at the same time in May?  Sweet!  We will end up doing A LOT of business that day.  Magic in the game area, comics in the retail area, and maybe a few artists selling original artwork in the cafe section of our store.

My suggestion for those retailers who think this is a huge problem.  Ask for relatives, friends, good customers to come help you run things.  And, make a ton of loot (profits)!  For me this is a business.  I am in it to make money.  I appreciate that Magic adds significantly to my bottom line, and also pleased that comic books do as well.  And, I get really excited trying to sell comics to my gamers with free stuff, and maybe invite a few comics customers to try Magic!

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