The new issue of Entertainment Weekly features a photograph of Henry Cavill, the British actor who will play the iconic role of Clark Kent/Superman in the reboot of the Man of Steel franchise that Zack Snyder is directing. Fans, who will have to wait months for an image of Cavill in full Superman drag since the film doesn’t start production until June, will have to be satisfied with a shot of the actor in a leather jacket and faded Superman logo t-shirt. 
Also included in the new issue are interviews with Cavill and Superman helmer Zack Snyder, who talks about how Cavil exuded a “crazy-calm confidence” when he donned Christopher Reeve’s outdated Superman togs for the audition. 
EW also takes a long look at the “new generation of superheroes” in movies that are either in production or scheduled to hit theaters later this year in a spandex-heavy summer session when newcomers Thor, the Green Lantern and Captain America will make it to the big screen along with a rebooted 1960s edition of the X-Men in a movie that features some of the best young actors in the cinema.