ICv2 has learned that WizKids is preparing to launch a HeroClix Online game that will debut in the late spring or early summer. The PC-based game was created by the North Carolina-based Icarus Studios LLC, developers of the Fallen Earth MMO
WizKids’ Lax Chandra told ICv2 that Magic Online was the model for what WizKids is trying to do with HeroClix Online: “We definitely don’t want to cannibalize sales with the online game. This is meant to be completely non-cannibalistic, as much as we can.  Our goal is to bring back players.  We want to recapture players who got married or whatever, stopped going to the stores, and stopped playing the game. We want to give them a way to play at home, play against someone online. We’re going to have rewards (in the online game) that drive players into the stores.”
The HeroClix Online Game will present a computerized version of the HeroClix tabletop game with screens and gameplay that duplicate as closely as possible what occurs in an actual HeroClix game.