Emmanuel Simms of Emmanuel's Comic Shop in North Sydney, Nova Scotia responded to Bill Jemas' Open Letter to Retailers (see 'Marvel's Bill Jemas 'Tells the Truth about Over-Production'') and Marvel's quick scheduling of a Must Have for The Truth (see 'Marvel Prints on Spec! ') with this alternate suggestion for a way to satisfy demand on key books.

If Marvel really wants to reduce overprinting, and still meet the demand for 'Hot' books, let's see Marvel implement a new policy along the lines of this:  Have Marvel designate it's own 'Hot' 'Must Have' titles every month, perhaps 1 or 2 books per month, and make them 20% returnable.  If they think that Origin #1 is going to be a hot commodity, then have them make it 20% returnable to all retailers.  If retailers believe they have orders for 40 - 50 issues or so, they would then order upwards of 60 copies, knowing that if the book bombs, the extra that they ordered would be returnable.  If the book turns out to be popular, then I've just sold an extra 10 copies that I wouldn't have sold otherwise, and this translates into additional sales for future issues as well, and we all make more money.  Marvel doesn't have to offer this for every book, but offering it on books they claim are going to be 'Hot' or new #1's which can be very risky, would help Marvel defray some of our risk and still show their own support for the title.  Let's see Marvel back up their 'Guarantees' of hot books with their own wallets, not just ours!