DC HeroClix: Superman Booster Set
Manufacturer: WizKids/NECA
Release Date: September 14, 2011
Product #: 70290
The DC HeroClix Superman Booster Set, due out in September, was revealed back in February (see “Superman HeroClix in September”), but details are just being released now.

The set will feature sub-themes of Flashpoint, Legion of Super-Heroes, World of New Krypton, Reign of Superman, and All-Star Superman.  And for the first time, WizKids will include an all-new in pack, 'Buy It By The Brick' figure of the Superman Robot (1 in 10 Boosters in each brick will contain the bonus sixth figure).

Superman Robot
(Brick Rewards Figure)

Click on the below links to see previews for the following figures:

Flash Figure

Wildfire Figure
Matter-Eater Lad Figure
Sunboy Figure
Lex Luthor Figure
Superman Figure