Holly Sedor of 8th St. Books and Comics in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan saw Timothy Davis' recent plea for comics for kids (see 'Timothy Davis of Alternate Reality on Comics for Kids') and noted a group that Davis didn't emphasize that's important.


I would just like to say that I agree with the recent statement as to the lack of appropriate childrens comics out on the market.


The problem about the lack of children's comics was not adequately addressed though.  All the talk was about targeting young boys, not young girls.  Young girls often develop their reading skills earlier than young boys, and also are more interested in reading than boys.  Furthermore, a young girl will continue throughout childhood to puberty reading more regularly than a young boy will.  While working in this comic shop I see many younger girls, ages 4-16, coming to buy comics themselves or with their parents, more than boys in that same age category.  So if any company actually takes to heart what that other retailer suggested I hope that the range of age-appropiate girls comics will also increase comparably.