Tom Trettel of The Comic Book Shop in Wilmington, Deleware saw Tiimothy Davis' plea for comics for kids (see 'Timothy Davis of Alternate Reality on Comics for Kids'), and chimed in with his agreement:


When I read Timothy Davis' (of Alternate Reality) comments on Comics for Kids, I felt like he must have been one of the workers in my store.  The example that he used has happened to me many times, both before and after Spider-Man became a blockbuster movie.  I'm sure that most comic retailers have had to explain to the adult (mom, dad, grandparent) that most comics just aren't for kids anymore.  They want Spider-Man for a 6 year old, but I show them what is available and they are disappointed.  Some end up with Archie or Herobear or even DC's animated Adventures, but most end up leaving without buying comics.

I agree 100% that Marvel should start a new line of young reader comics.  We can never forget the long time collectors and readers, but this does not need to effect them at all.  The comic industry needs a new jumping on point for children.  The major movies will keep sending children to comics stores for the next few years, so let's use that and raise a new generation of comic book enthusiasts.  Timothy has a great plan and as far as I am concerned, he covered all of the major points.  If Marvel (or DC) went forward with this, I would certainly support it.  A YOUNG READER comic line with major characters, basic artwork, and basic stories sounds great to me.