Comic-Con News—At the “Marvel Animation Panel” Marvel Entertainment’s TV czar Jeph Loeb announced that a Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H. cartoon series was in development at Disney XD.  The toon will feature the (Green) Hulk, Red Hulk, Skaar, A-Bomb, and She-Hulk.  No date was given for series to debut.
The Disney XD cable channel represents Disney’s effort to create a TV network that appeals to young and tween boys.  Disney has been hugely successful in appealing to tween girls with shows like Hanna Montana and the High School Musical TV movies, but until recently hadn’t had that same kind of success with boys.  One of the reasons that Disney paid $4 billion for Marvel was to improve the company’s cable offerings to boys, and the Disney XD channel, which should get another boost from the fall debut of the the Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon series, has been making Marvel-aided strides in attracting young male viewers.