Image Comics has announced that it will begin releasing all of its titles in digital form on the same day as the print versions are released via Graphicly, and will expand the number of titles it’s releasing day and date through comiXology. The Image titles on Graphicly (which include Robert Kirkman titles The Walking Dead and Invincible, which were previously available only via comiXology) will be available on the Graphicly iOS and Android apps, including those on the Nook and Kindle, as well as on Image’s Graphicly-powered store on its Facebook page. 

ComiXology is expanding its Image day and date offerings (it has had the Kirkman titles available for some time) to include the same titles, which will appear on all comiXology venues, including the comiXology and (comiXology powered) Image iOS apps, Android, the comiXology Website, the comiXology-powered Image Website store, and retailer Digital Storefronts powered by comiXology.