Todd Merrick of Heroes Landing in Clermont, Florida heard our call for retailer’s manga sales feedback (see "Retailers--Share Your Manga Experience!") and had this to say.

I have seen a minimal increase recently in Manga sales.  I admit I have had a limited selection available as it is a bit overwhelming and I personally don't have interest in it, but realize that others do.  I have focused mostly on mainstream and things I have heard of (Bleach, Naruto, Sailor Moon, etc.).  The recent return of Sailor Moon has increased sales of not only the books but related merchandise.  I have found that also having a selection of Japanese snacks and drinks works well.  I am hoping to host an event next year in May (I can't pull it together fast enough for this year) which would be an all day celebration event for Manga/Anime.

I think the biggest thing the publishers could do to assist in sales, is offer POP and other displays.  I recall Barnes & Noble and Borders having spinner racks from Viz Media and I would love to have this to allow more space and to showcase their titles but I cannot seem to get ahold of anyone.

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