After a two-year hiatus Devil’s Due Publishing will be back in the pages of Diamond’s Previews.  In the summer of 2010 Devil’s Due, embroiled in a dispute with Diamond over returns and fees announced that it would no longer be distributed by DCD (see "Devil's Due Leaves Diamond").  Now Devil’s Due has resolved its problems with Diamond and will be returning to the direct market later this year with a smaller lineup.
Devil’s Due will continue to be led by its original founder Josh Blaylock.  In announcing DDP’s return Blaylock also announced the launching of the “Project Rectify” imprint, which will include all initial DDP titles, and which will indicate that profits from the sales of these titles will go toward repaying the debt owed by DDP to creators.
In a statement announcing DDP’s return Blaylock noted that the old methods of publishing are now obsolete, and that modern times call for “fusion publishing,” which requires companies to produce content in different media. DDP’s new publishing plans involve a small roster of high quality projects.  Blaylock appears chastened by the failure of DDP’s old business model, which relied heavily on licensed comics.  He notes that he has been able to reduce the company’s more than million dollar debt by six figures, but that a substantial sum, primarily payments to creators of previous DDP books, remains.  Blaylock is hoping that via Project Rectify, DDP will be able to retire this debt to creators in a year’s time.