The story of Comic-Con 2012 in pictures continues with Friday.  See also Part 5 and Part 6, and for Wednesday and Thursday, see Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

An odd couple--a female Darth Vader and Rambo!

The corner across from the Convention Center had a lot of marketing, paid and not, on Friday.

Even the Science Channel got into the act with this giant bag distribution on the street across from the Con.

A smoking jacket clad Eagle with fan.

The Shiftylook vintage arcade across from the Con.

Two of the many Poison Ivy cosplayers at the show hang out with a Captain America fan.

The Millennium Falcon never looked sexier!

The voice cast for Legend of Korra.

Batman's arch-nemesis Two-Face was onhand.

An obvious Transformers fan.

Bladerunner still has fans.

A tough look for "punk" Supergirl.