Here's some additional photos from Saturday, when Comic-Con peaks.  See also Part 12 and Part 13 for more Saturday photos.

Promoting Snake Club: Revenge of the Snake Woman ("She will slither into your soul"), currently in post-production.

Beverage sampling across the street from the Convention Center.

Danica Patrick is a character in Sega's new Sonic videogame, Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed, and her car was at Comic-Con to mark the occasion.

Ok, this publicity stunt raised some eyebrows.   To promote indy film Iron Sky, the story of Nazis who escape to the far side of the moon and invade earth in modern times, the producers assembled a group of models in the costumes of the invaders (which, thankfully, did not include swastikas) to march around the Convention Center.   Here, they have lunch with a guy in a dog costume.

Plastic Man takes a break with Green Arrow as a resting place.

1821 Comics displayed the recently Guinness-certified largest graphic novel other at its booth.

1821 Comics was also promoting its Stan Lee-inspired Romeo and Juliet, with an inexplicably attired booth model.

We asked this guy if he was a character or just walking around in his underwear, and he confirmed it was the latter.  The note he was carrying said, "Dear Diary, today I died.   I was killed by this thing (picture of insect) in some basement.   I leave all that I own to my cat Guppy."  Takes all kinds at a Comic-Con.

Big Boy was there, at the K. Michael Crawford booth.

A lovely model at the Heavy Metal booth shows us the issues in which she appears.

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