Fantasy Flight Games announced its plans for the Star Wars Roleplaying Game at Gen Con.  We talked to Fantasy Flight Vice President of Marketing and Communication Steve Horvath about the company’s plans for the line. 
Tell us about the Star Wars RPG.
The first one is called Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.
We’re basically taking the concept of Star Wars, which is a huge, immersive universe, and breaking it up into slices.  So the first book, Edge of the Empire, will focus on the scum and villainy, the scoundrels, the smugglers, the pirates, the bounty hunters, colonists, people on the outer fringe and focus on that experience, and that will come out in early 2013.  There will also be expansions, which I can’t talk about right now. 
Do you know price and format? 
There’s a beta book on sale today, which is a little over 200 pages at $29.95.  The full version, on sale early next year, will include all the background material not in the beta version, a lot more artwork, and a brand new adventure. 
A year after that we’ll release Age of Rebellion, which focuses on the classic era of rebellion, with Princess Leia vs. the Empire, Darth Vader, and all that.  It will focus on the experience of being a rebel during that time and trying to overthrow the Empire.  It will also have its own full line of expansions.
A year after that will be a book called Force and Destiny that will focus on Force users that are on the run, living in hiding during the Classic Era trilogy.
Do these games all take place contemporaneously?
All three of these books will take place during the Classic Era trilogy.  They can be played as standalone experiences, but you could also take all three of those core books and their supplements and weave them together seamlessly into a greater campaign. 
Are there any similarities to the game mechanics form your existing roleplaying games?
We took the most popular feature from Warhammer Fantasy Role Play, the narrative dice system that we invented with the custom dice, and everything we’ve learned from it, and took it a step further and innovated, and did some more development work and so this would be the next iteration of the narrative dice system.  There will be custom dice available.
The beta edition comes with full color sticker sheet so you can customize dice to play with it now.  And of course there will be custom dice available when the full book is available. 
We also announced the Star Wars Dice App.  The Android version is available now, and the iOS version will be available any time now.
So that’s instead of dice?
It’s a dice roller app. It has the custom dice from the roleplaying game and it also has the custom dice from the X-Wing Miniature Game, and it has a set of standard polyhedral dice so you could use that for any RPG.
Is that a free or paid app?
What’s the price?
Do you expect this to be your bestselling roleplaying group?
It’s a tough challenge, but I think it will. It will take a while, but we’ll have expansions and these will be very robust lines.