Oni Press announced that it is converting its Website "from a marketing portal to a content portal," Oni Publisher Joe Nozemack told us at New York Comic Con.  "Five days a week we’ll have new content.  Some of it will be catalog that we’ve already published, some of it will be brand new; and it’ll run in three-month seasons.  Also we’ll have comments from the creators, and merchandising, and print editions when we finish the run of the series."
The new site will be used to "build awareness in the property and the creator," Nozemack explained. 
The first two new stories to be serialized on the site beginning in January are A Boy & a Girl, by Jamie S. Rich and Natalie Nourigat, in which people are being supplanted by real-life androids in a future setting; and Buzz, by Ananth Panagariya & Tessa Stone, in which a high school student prepares for a 1-on-1 spelling bee.
Two more series will premiere in the second season in April. Megagago, by Wook-Jin Clark, will feature a super sentai style team operating out of Atlanta, Georgia; and Down! Set! Fight!, written by Chris Sims & Chad Bowers, with art by Scott Kowalchuk, tells the story of an ex-pro football player now coaching in a high school who finds himself attacked by costumed mascots. 
Oni also announced a new Viking horror title by Cullen Bunn, the writer of The Sixth Gun, and Joelle Jones at NYCC.  Helheim will be a new six-issue series launching in March.  It was promoted by a black and white preview issue at the show.
Bunn will co-write The Sixth Gun: Sons of the Gun with property co-creator Brian Hurtt, with art by Brian Churilla.  The series will premiere in February.  The Sixth Gun is now in development for NBC (see "'Lost' Producer Options 'The Sixth Gun'").
And a new deluxe landscape graphic novel, Wars in Toyland, by Joe Harris and Adam Pollina, will tell the story of battles in Toyland after the rise of a teddy dictator.