Having just announced its new creator-owned imprint Titan Comics (see "Titan's New Creator-Owned Imprint"), Titan Publishing has unveiled a new Titan Comics initiative, a co-publishing venture with A1 Publisher Dave Elliott. Elliott is a 25-year veteran in the comic book industry, who has worked on a variety of titles including 2000 AD, JLA, Transformers, and G.I. Joe.  As an editor Elliott helped launch the Radical Comics line in 2006.
The new Titan Comics imprint will launch in June with two comic book series, A1, a monthly revival of the highly-diverse comics anthology title, followed in July by Tomorrowland, a new music festival adventure that Paul Jenkins will be writing. 
The first graphic novel collections from the new A1/Titan Comics imprint will debut in September with the "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen-like" Weirding Willows, the supernatural anthology Monster Massacre, and the collected adventures of the teenage god Sharky (the earthbound son of Odin and grandson of Zeus).  The first A1 Annual and the Tomorrowland collection will be released later in 2013.
Retailers will be able to order the new comics via Diamond’s Previews starting with the February Previews catalog that will include a listing for A1 #1.