Even though Warner Bros. has yet to say anything about it, rumors are rampant that screenwriter David Goyer and director Zack Snyder have replaced "Superman’s Pal" Jimmy Olsen with a gal.  The Man of Steel’s IMDB database lists actress Rebecca Buller as playing a character known as "Jenny Olson."

Screen Capture from Trailer
Then the sharp eyes at Digital Spy saw Buller in a recent trailer for the film running from what could be an exploding Daily Planet building on the arm of Planet EIC Perry White, who is portrayed by Laurence Fishburne in the film.  Given that Buller appears to have a camera strap and the fact that there is no "Jimmy Olsen" listed in the IMDB database, it does appear that there might have been some gender-bending in this adaptation.
Old School Superman's Pal
If there has been a change, why is the studio mum about it?  Certainly changing the gender of a character to bring about a little more gender balance in action movie material is commonplace in Hollywood today.  Perhaps it is the fear of an adverse reaction in the fan community, which is both feared and courted by Hollywood.  Whatever the reason for the studio’s silence, it does give fans something to think about in the months leading up to the June 14th release of the film.