From the too much of a good thing department, now there are two studios that want to make Dungeons & Dragons movies.  Hasbro reacted to Warner Bros. announcement that it had acquired movie rights to Dungeons & Dragons (along with a script, see "Warner Bros. Gets 'D&D' Film Rights"), by saying that its acquisition of Wizards of the Coast in 1998 gave it the rights to make a D&D movie, according to Deadline.  And furthermore, that it has set up the project at Universal with Chris Morgan, who wrote the Fast and Furious movies, as first-time director. 

It’s not clear why both companies think they have the rights; our bet is that Warners may have been assigned a long-ago rights grant that Hasbro believes is void.  Regardless of the origin of the dispute, it's hard to see how this doesn't end up in court.

Hasbro has an overall movie deal with Universal for films based on its game properties, a deal that hasn’t been the greatest for Universal so far (cough, Battleship)Maybe they got around to listening to us:  we suggested the WotC properties for Universal movies back in 2010 (see "Board Game Movies Hurting Universal?").