Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World will expand to incorporate Star Wars Land, a new area of the park based on the films, according to Theme Park Insider.  Also incorporated into the expansion is Cars Land, based on the films.  Disney just completed a remake of its California Adventure theme park, which included Cars Land; the new development of Hollywood Studios at Walt Disney World would be the first new Star Wars attraction at a Disney theme park since the acquisition of Lucasfilm.

A quick decision to expand the Star Wars presence in Disney parks would fit the over-all pace at which Disney has been moving to make use of the Star Wars intellectual property, which it acquired in a $4 billion transaction last October.  Star Wars movies are now scheduled for every summer beginning in 2015 (see "'Star Wars' Movies Every Summer"); production has begun on a TV series to air on the Disney Channel  (see "Production Has Begun on 'Star Wars Rebels'"); and Disney has shut down LucasArts and licensed videogame rights to Electronic Arts (see "Disney Awards 'Star Wars' License").