IDW Publishing is offering a new product, My Little Pony Micro Fun Packs, designed specifically for sale in proximity to trading card products (such as the Enterplay MLP CCG and trading cards, see "'My Little Pony CCG'").  Packed in cello, each pack will contain one Micro-Comic (3.75" x 5.75") with the cover visible through the packaging, plus one each of 16 sticker sheets, one of 16 posters, and one of 16 removable tattoos, all randomly inserted and blind packed.  MSRP is a reasonable $2.99. 

The pages are smaller versions of pages from the My Little Pony comics, relettered in some cases to make the smaller size more readable, according to IDW CEO Ted Adams. 

"We’ve had huge pre-orders, which way exceeded our expectations," Adams said of the company’s orders from mass merchants.  "Everyone we’ve shown it to has responded in a big way.  We’re very optimistic about it."  Initial orders from the mass channel were over 100,000, Adams told us.   

My Little Pony Micro Fun Packs will ship October 31st.

It’s an auspicious time to be trying to get new products into the trading card sections of mass merchants; the sports card business is weak, freeing up in-store real estate.