Image Comics has officially announced that The Walking Dead #115, the Tenth Anniversary issue of the popular zombie series which was released this month, has shipped 352,000 copies in the direct market, making it the bestselling comic book of 2013 so far, topping the estimated 308,000 sales of Justice League of America #1 back in February.  The Walking Dead #115 features 10 interconnecting covers by series artist Charlie Adlard and kicks off the "All Out War" storytline.  This news confirmed the number that The Walking Dead creator Robert Kirkman gave to USA Today last week, when he indicated that TWD #115 had sold 350,000 copies in the direct market. 
This also marks the second year in a row in which The Walking Dead has accounted for the bestselling single issue comic of the year.  In 2012 The Walking Dead #100 sold 366,000 copies making it the bestselling single issue of the year. 
Sales of The Walking Dead comic book series have continued to climb and the zombie property dominates graphic novel sales in both the direct and bookstore markets due to the popularity of the AMC TV series, which shows no signs of slowing down as it posted stratospheric numbers in last Sunday’s debut of Season 4 (see "No Stopping 'The Walking Dead'").