Action Lab Entertainment is expanding and reorganizing its marketing team, with Jamal Igle and Kelly Dale joining the company as the new Marketing Co-Directors. 

Igle is an established artist with a 24-year history in the business (including a stint as a retailer), and is the creator of the Kickstarter-funded Molly Danger, released to the trade by Action Lab. Igle is also a prominent guest lecturer on the subjects of comics and animation and was a speaker at the recent ICv2 Conference at New York Comic Con (see "Who's Getting Disintermediated?") Igle will handle public relations and promotions, working with press and convention organizers. 

Dale was voted the Top Psychologist in Georgia in 2012, and is the spouse of Jeremy Dale, creator of Action Lab title Skyward.  Dale will handle retailer outreach, including arranging signings with the company’s talent. 

Former Marketing Director Jeremy Whitley remains with the company as Education Outreach Director.  Social Media Director Jim Dietz remains with the company in his current role.

Action Lab Entertainment is a Pittsburg-based company with creators from all over the country, CFO Bryan Seaton told ICv2.  Formed in 2010, the company released its first title, Fracture, in 2011, and has released 30 titles since then, with 14 to 15 graphic novels collecting story arcs in print.  Currently the company publishes seven to ten new releases a month.  Its top title is currently Vamplets, based on a Gayle Middleton creation (see "'Vamplets' OGN Gets Press"), but Seaton said he expects Molly Danger to pass it.