20th Century Fox is close to signing a movie deal for Mark Millar’s Starlight with Simon Kinberg to write and produce, according to Hollywood Reporter.  Kinberg is Fox’s go-to writer and producer on geek films; he’s on X-Men:  Days of Future Past and the upcoming Fantastic Four reboot (see "Simon Kinberg on 'Fantastic Four'").

The first issue of the comic, which will kick off a major inter-connected storyline across eight or nine Millarworld titles over the next three years, ships in March (see "Mark Millar's 'Starlight'").  The idea of a comic universe with lots of characters that could spawn multiple franchises undoubtedly has the studio slavering over the possibilities.

Fox has an ongoing relationship with Millar:  Secret Service is currently getting underway for a 2015 release (see "Geek Film Date Shifts"), and Fox has a deal for an adaptation of the as-yet-unpublished Millar kid comic Kindergarten Heroes (see "Movie from Millar's 'Kindergarten Heroes'").