Company legal name: Diamond Comic Distributors
Headquarters: 1966 Greenspring Dr., Suite #300, Timonium, MD  21093
Phone: 410-560-7100
Fax: 410-560-7148
Website URL:
Business founded: 1982
Employees: Approximately 500
Number of locations: 5 Distribution Centers in the U.S., 13 pick-up points in the U.S. & Canada, a sister company in the United Kingdom
Number of active customers: 4300

First-time retailer contact:
Contact name: Libby Brooks
Phone: 410-560-7100 ext. 215
Fax: 410-560-7148

First-time manufacturer/publisher contact:
Contact name: Steve Leaf
Phone: 410-560-7100
Fax: 410-560-7148

Ownership affiliations:
Distributors: Diamond UK, Alliance Game Distributors
Manufacturers/publishers: Diamond Select Toys, Gemstone Publishing
Retailers: Geppi's Comic World

Channels sold to:
Wide range of traditional specialty brick and mortar stores: comic stores, toy stores, game stores, video stores, trading card stores, videogame stores, and novelty/gift stores.  Also sells to catalogue retailers, e-commerce retailers, discount toy chains, discount department store chains, and convenience stores.

Opening an account:
A retail certificate is required to open a wholesale account.  First time wholesale customers can use a credit card.  A short form application for accounts wanting to order only the occasional C.O.D. shipment is available as well.  Standard credit terms are C.O.D. or C.O.D. certified for new businesses and varies for established businesses.  Maximum credit terms are 30 days.

Communication methods:
Publishes a monthly retailer/consumer catalogue (Previews). Weekly sell sheet/newsletter is produced (Dateline).  Downloads, discs, website orders, e-mails and mass faxing all utilized as well.  Advertising taken out in trade and consumer magazines.  Also have field sales reps currently in California, the Southwest and the South.

Ordering methods:
Advance orders accepted through the monthly Previews Order Form, Previews on Disk, Diamond's Retailers Service Website, and Diamond's Retailer On-Line Service.  A minimum order of $500 retail cost is required.  Reorders accepted by phone, fax and e-mail.

Product lines:
Offers a wide range of pop culture products covering a wide range of categories: toys, anime, games, comics and movie/TV products:
Average monthly new product skus:
-- Anime, manga and Japanese Pop Culture: 200 skus
-- Toys, models, action figures: 200 skus
-- Comics and graphic novels: 500 skus
-- RPGs and CCGs: 150 skus
-- Movie and TV licensed products: 100 skus

Inventory/backlist orders:
In stock inventory maintained and the average sku count per category is as follows:
Average monthly new product skus:
-- Anime, manga and Japanese Pop Culture: 3500 skus
-- Toys, models, action figures: 1000 skus
-- Comics and graphic novels: 6000 skus
-- RPGs and CCGs: 1000 skus
-- Movie and TV licensed products: 1500 skus

Advance orders are shipped the same day each week. Backlist orders can be shipped the same day.  The order cut-off is Noon CST.  Backlist orders can also be shipped along with advance order shipments.  Backorders taken for items not in stock and special orders for products not normally stocked also taken.

Exclusive product offerings:
Numerous exclusive products created as well as sourced exclusive products carried ('Previews Exclusives').

Discount pricing structure based on initial monthly advance order. Freight paid by the wholesale account.

Shipping methods:
UPS is the preferred shipping method, but also utilizes FedEx, USPS, Overnight service, and pick-ups.

Returns for damaged good or picking mistakes accepted. Return authorization required.

Sales outside of the U.S. to Canada and international wholesale retailers are done.