Justice League:  War, the new Warner Bros. Animation feature that’s streeting this week (see "DVD Round-Up: 'Justice League: War,'..."). will be the beginning of a series of original video animations in a single continuity, according to an interview on Comic Book Resources.  In it, War producer James Tucker described the new release, which draws on "New 52" story material, as "the first salvo in doing new movies that are in continuity with each other."

Justice League: War will be the first in a series of interconnected Justice League features that will be released concurrently with a series of Batman movies, all in the same continuity, according to Tucker.  The features in the War continuity will be released at a pace of two per year, plus a third stand-alone feature separate from continuity each year.  The first of the stand-alone features will be Batman: Assault on Arkham, set in the world of the Batman: Arkham video games.

The features in continuity will not all be "New 52;" the first Batman feature will be Son of Batman, based on a 2006 story by Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert and adapted to fit the framework (see “First Trailer for Animated 'Son of Batman'”).