Valiant will be celebrating the anniversary of X-O Manowar with a special “"Armor Hunters: Part Zero" story, and other special content for X-O Manowar #25, shipping in May.
The 48-page oversize anniversary issue from series creators Robert Venditti and Diego Bernard will feature guest content from Bryan Hitch, J.G. Jones, Justin Jordan, Peter Milligan, Rafer Roberts and more.
The Armor Hunters: Part Zero by Robert Venditti (Green Lantern, The Flash) and Diego Bernard (Eternal Warrior) will act as a preview for the June Armor Hunters crossover event (see "'Armor Hunters' Is Valiant's 2014 Crossover Event").  The issue will also feature a retelling of the origin of X-O Manowar by Venditti and & J.G. Jones (Before Watchmen: Comedian, Final Crisis).

The issue will also feature covers by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic, Bryan Hitch, a variant by Terry Dodson (X-Men), an Armors variant by Arturo Lozzi (Bloodshot), and a throwback variant by Sean Chen (Iron Man).