Andy Grieco of Collector's Clubhouse in Pompano Beach, Florida is upset that two Kevin Smith Marvel titles are very late and not on the schedule:


I have been informed by Diamond Comics that Marvel currently has no plans to complete Spider-Man/Black Cat: The Evil Man That Men Do and Daredevil: The Target.  Both of these late titles happen to be written by Kevin Smith.  I have several of my customers who will no longer buy Kevin Smith produced items due to this as well as a few who will no longer look to purchase other Marvel books because they can't stand behind their products.

A female customer of mine tried Spider-Man/Black Cat because of the Spider-Man movie and was enjoying it, until it went into a delay status and eventually never came back out.  She wrote Marvel a letter about it, but has not heard anything, nor was anything released (to my current knowledge) about both books being delayed/cancelled.

I think it is unfair to the customers who have purchased these titles and will not see them completed anytime soon.  Both were put out on the coattails of the movies or just before (Daredevil).  Now those customers have to eat the money the purchased on what was a product from a company with a good record.  Since Marvel has no idea when or if these series will be completed, I think their image to readers may be a bit more tarnished.  They should at least offer these customers a rebate or a coupon to use if they get smart, have someone else finish the story, and release them or go right to a TPB.  FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED!!!  And don't hire Kevin Smith unless he has a clear schedule and a completed product.