At the Origins Game Fair Steve Jackson Games announced that BOOM! Studios would be publishing an official monthly Munchkin comic book.  BOOM! will issue the Munchkin comics in four-issue story arcs, which will likely be collected into graphic novels.  The Munchkin comics will be available in the traditional print format as well as digitally--but the print comics will come with bonus playable Munchkin cards, making them much the better deal.
Bookmark from Origins Munchkin Announcemnt
Will Spike, Flower and the rest of the borderline psychopath Munchkin characters expand their monster killing and loot snatching ways into new narrative realms thanks to their new incarnations as comic book characters?  In the announcement of the new Munchkin comics on the Steve Jackson Games Website, the narrative emphasis of the comic would appear to be (at first anyway) on providing a backstory for the sprightly little dungeon crawlers.  Stay tuned for details on when the first Munchkin comic will be released, and who will be involved in the creative teams.