Les 'Bo' Bowman of The Gamer's Den in Washington, Missouri saw Ron Catapano's comment on The Eternal (see 'Ron Catapano of Comics Plus on Marvel's The Eternal') and shares his sentiments:


I agree with Ron Catapano's assessment of The Eternal #1.  Much like the Rawhide Kid, Marvel's editorial staff has decided to completely wreck the heritage of a well liked character, or in the case of the Eternals, a group, by perverting it for the reason of free press coverage.  At least that is the only reason I can conclude from it.  Also, the storyline with Chuck Austen's own twist on Genesis offended me much more than any of the violence or sex.  This issue is off the shelf at my store.


Happily, the only reason I found out about this was because I wanted to read it myself.  I have liked the Eternals since a child, when they were mistaken for mythological beings, such as the comic book version of Thor.  Once again Marvel's editorial staff have challenged my IQ, and my IQ tells me to flush this thing, like I did with Rawhide Kid.  My IQ tells me that it is better to make sure that I stay open, instead of give Marvel any more free press by getting shut down.