The Archie characters will get a reboot, beginning with a new Archie #1, in 2015.  The creative team for the relaunch will be Mark Waid and Fiona Staples, according to the New York Times.  The reboot is planned to tie into the property’s 75th anniversary.

Waid promised a more modern take on the characters.  "Over the years, some of the sharp edges have been sanded off," he told the Times.  "They are kids, and they should act as kids."  Publisher Jon Goldwater did promise that the title would retain its "lighthearted and family-friendly tone."

This is one part of a broader plan for 2015 that includes the relaunch of Red Circle as Dark Circle (see "First Dark Circle Comics Offerings"), a live action TV show (see "Archie Live Action TV Show"), and comics crossovers (see "'Archie Meets Predator' Crossover"). 

Archie is already on a roll, with direct market sales up 226% since 2008, and book channel sales up 736%, Goldwater told the Times.