Animation Insider reports that the third and final Dragon Ball anime series, Dragon Ball GT, will make its debut on the Cartoon Network on October 3, 2003.  Dragon Ball GT, which has already made a splash in the home video market (see 'Dragon Ball GT DVDs Make The Top 20'), will premier during the last half hour (6:30 pm, ET, PT) of the popular Toonami Block.  The launch of Dragon Ball GT will actually be the culmination of a string of fall Toonami premiers. Starting on September 1, the Cartoon Network will introduce the new SD Gundam Force series at 5 pm (ET, PT) and never-before-broadcast-in-the-U.S. episodes of the original Dragon Ball anime series at 5:30 pm (ET, PT).  Each Friday during September the Cartoon Network will premier a Dragon Ball Z movie, which has never been broadcast before on American TV.