After over a week of conflicting announcements, Image will continue to publish George R.R. Martin's The Hedge Knight, produced by Roaring Studios, while Dragonlance and other Roaring Studios titles (see 'Roaring Studios Licenses Dragonlance for Comics') move to Devil's Due. 


The Hedge Knight is selling well at Image.  Both issue #1, which featured three different covers by artist Mike S. Miller, and issue #2, featuring covers by Miller, Boris Vallejo, and Julie Bell, are sold out.  Image has announced that to meet unfilled demand, it will reprint both issues as a single 48-page collected edition featuring the Brothers Hildebrandt cover from #1.  Image Publisher Jim Valentino explained why.  'This is a book we over-shipped and over-printed,' he said, 'and it still sold out within a week of hitting the stands,'


Roaring Studios' Director of New Business Les Dabel told ICv2 that the reason for moving some titles to Devil's Due was financial.  'We got a better offer where we will make a profit and we will be able to push our books and advertise with no restrictions,' said Dabel.  'That will help sales.'