DC Vice President Direct Sales Bob Wayne told ICv2 that he was 'genuinely surprised' by the quick sell-out of Batman #620, the first issue by 100 Bullets creators Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso.  A 20% overprint sold out within three days of release.  Wayne said that he anticipated a bigger fall-off from the final Jim Lee/Jeph Loeb issue, but that the 100 Bullets audience had apparently been added to a solid carryover from the hit Lee/Loeb run.  A decision on a possible reprint will be made on Monday.


While noting that the issue was 'edgier than anything in the regular Batman series except maybe Batman Year One' (by Frank Miller), Wayne said that DC had received very few negative comments from retailers (see 'Michael Tierney of the Comic Book Store on Batman #620' for comments from one retailer who took issue with the content).