RanXerox, the violent main character in RanXerox in New York and RanXerox 2, graphic novels published by Catalan Communications almost two decades ago, will now be the subject of the first feature film to be directed by Chris (Aphex Twin and Bjork music videos) Cunningham.


In the introduction to the first book, comics legend Richard Corben described RanXerox as a 'punk, futuristic Frankenstein,' while allowing that the story is 'outrageous, but funny.'


Also working on the upcoming movie, tentatively titled RanXerox, are producer Fernando (Commandante) Sulichin and screenwriter Gordy (Love Liza) Hoffman.


Due to intense violence and sexual content, the RanXerox graphic novels by writer Stefano Tamburini and artist Tanino Liberatore were banned in some countries.